The Abyssinian Cat – Amazing Guide To Their History, Types, Characteristics, Temperature, And Care

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    This breed of cats originally belongs to Africa having long ears and reddish to yellowish-brown short soft hair. This breed named after its origin Abyssinian, now which is called Ethiopia. This breed is very energetic and active.

    This breed is a very good choice to keep at homes because of friendly nature with humans as well as other animals. Her long ears give alert look as she always pays attention to surroundings.

    Origin and History of The Breeds

    The exact origin of Abyssinian Cat breed is still unknown till now. Mostly claims that made about origin of this breed is mostly fantasy than reality. But most of the cat books claims that Abyssinian cat has roots in Nile Valley and developed in Great Britain.

    Abyssinian Cat Image

    In 1860s, a Abyssinian cat was bought by British Soldier Lord Robert Napier to England. That cat was named as Zulu that was the foundation cat of this breed “Abyssinian”. That’s how this breed came into this world.

    Physical Standards of The Breed

    Health and Possible Diseases

    To take care of your pet you should have knowledge about health concerns related to your pet breed. Many of diseases are related to pet’s breed. Every cat’s breed has greater chances of having certain inherited diseases as compare to other breeds. In Abyssinian cats some inherited diseases as well as some regular feline health issues are common to exist. The most common inherited disease is “Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency” that leads to anemia or other blood diseases.

    A kidney disorder named “Chronic Renal Failure” is also very common among Abyssinian cats. There is also one inherited eye disease named “Progression Retinal Atrophy” found among this breed in which Abyssinian cats lose their eye vision.

    There is another disease “Hyperthyroidism” that is seen to be very common in this breed that affects their metabolism eventually results in weight gain and loss of energy. Some dental diseases are also common in this breed so teeth care is also very important.


    Abyssinian cats have a very small coat that is very easy to taken care of. To remove the dead hairs it’s better to use stainless comb once in a week. The care of nails is also very necessary, for that you should trim nails after 10 to 14 weeks.

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    To avoid any teeth diseases you should brush his teeth at home daily and also schedule dental cleanings. Special care is needed regarding its weight for which physical activities should be conducted. To avoid the risk of having any future diseases the monthly check-ups should be scheduled.

    Height and Size

    The typical Abyssinian Cat has an overall height of 20-25 cm (8.0”-10.0″) and body length of 30-41 cm (12.0”-16.0”).


    An average Abyssinian Cat weighs between 4-5 kg (8-12 lb).


    Abyssinian cat is very intelligent who keeps his full attention to his surroundings. Abyssinian cat is very energic and active. He is very friendly who loves to play with humans or other pets. He is not like a cuddling pet. He mostly spent his time climbing to higher places. These cats are also very good at learning tricks.


    This term is used for products or items or pets that don’t produce allergies to humans when they are in contact with them. Abyssinian cats are hypoallergenic. Allergies are the main reason due to which people avoid keeping cats as pets. For people who are allergic to dust, Abyssinian cats can be a better option.

    As Abyssinian cats have shorter fur that’s why they don’t shed a lot. That’s why they lower the chance of getting their owner any allergies. But still, Abyssinian cats are not pure 100% hypoallergenic.


    A Abyssinian cat has a typical lifespan of 9-13 years.

    Caring Difficulties

    Abyssinian cats are very friendly and are easy to train. A little care is needed regarding their cleanliness. Their teeth, ears, nails and coat should be cleaned on weekly basis. There are some increased chances of few genetic diseases for which vaccinations and regular medical inspection is needed. Abyssinian cat owner doesn’t face such big difficulty in taking care of his cat.

    Where to get an Abyssinian Cat?

    To get a healthy Abyssinian cat, you should search for registered breeders. The registered breeders are restricted by law to tell the buyer all details related to the breed of the cat. Every famous breeder has a website so make sure to do some research before buying.

    Make sure that the breeder you have chosen has all the medical certification of their pets. Many breeders provide facilities to pay online but it’s better to go to their place and observe the environment in which the cat is grown before buying him.

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    How much does an Abyssinian cat cost?

    Abyssinian cats from recognized breeders usually cost 500$ to 1200$.

    Choosing the right type of Abyssinian Cat?

    The biggest issue that owners face after adopting cats is their low immunity as compared to other pets that affect their health badly in the future. So it’s very important for a buyer to choose the healthy Abyssinian cats. As mentioned above, you should look for a registered breeder. During the visit to the breeder’s den, the environment, and food that is given to Abyssinian cats should be observed carefully.

    As the environment and food directly affect the cat’s health. That cat should be chosen who seems to be physically active. Another important thing that has to be kept in mind while buying an Abyssinian cat is to make sure that this breed is clean from any genetic diseases.

    Responsibilities to consider in the care of an Abyssinian Cat

    What do They Require?

    Abyssinian cats are very friendly so they need a company whether as human interaction or as another pet/cat. This is not that kind of breed that can be kept alone at home so Whenever you go for walking or shopping somewhere, take the cat with you and use the Best Cat Collars, this will keep the cat safe with you and will not even feel lonely.

    A little care regarding his cleanliness is also required to keep your Abyssinian cat away from diseases. Abyssinian cats require a balance of raw and dry food. Raw food will reduce risk or kidney diseases and dry food will keep your pet’s teeth strong.

    Do They Need a Certain Level of Care and Attention?

    To keep your Abyssinian cat away from any disease, you should take special care of his weight and cleanliness. To keep his weight under control you should have to remain him physically active. Cat trees and high perches should be in your home from there they can jump and climb that will keep him physically active. Monthly medical checkups are also required.

    Characteristics of Abyssinian Cats


    Abyssinian cats are very intelligent that always demands love and attention. They love humans as well as other pets companies. They are a very active breed that will like to participate in any kind of activity.

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    Abyssinian cat is middle sized cat having almond shaped eyes, triangle head and large ears. He has short fur as compare to other breeds. This breed’s coat is found in several colour patterns including: Ruddy, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Blue, Lilac and Fawn.


    Abyssinian cats are very affectionate that needs lots of love and attention. They are quick learners that need less grooming but lots of care and attention.

    Dog-Child Friendly

    Abyssinian cats are very lively cats who love to explore surroundings. They are highly energic who like to participate in any ongoing home activity whether it includes another pet even a dog.


    This is very active and intelligent cat breed who keeps attention to his surroundings. They require very less grooming as they are quick learners who learns tricks easily. Their long ears appear as they pay good attention to what is happening around them. Their big eyes also show intelligence and alertness.


    Abyssinian cats are quite energic who keep on jumping and climbing. They love to play with humans, pets, and with toys. For that it’s a good choice to keep cat tress at home to keep your Abyssinian cat active and happy. They always look for activities instead of just resting.


    They are very low maintenance breed as they have low fur. But at the same time they do require attention and care. They will get depressed if left alone as they prefer to be among humans or other pets.

    Types of Abyssinian Cat?

    This breed types depend upon its coat color. This breed is found in these different coat colors: Ruddy, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Blue, Lilac and Fawn.

    Abyssinian Cat Compares to Other Breeds

    Abyssinian cats are more energetic and human friendly as compare to other breeds. Unlike other breeds, they prefer to participate in physical activities other than just cuddling. They have low fur as compare to other breeds that are easy to maintain.


    Abyssinian cats are a good choice for people who like active animals. They are very energic who needs the attention of their owner. They are not that kind of cat breed that can left home alone. They always need some person’s or pet’s attention. To keep Abyssinian cats healthy a little attention is required regarding their food, cleanliness, and physical activities.

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