The Aegean Cat – Amazing Guide To Their History, Types, Characteristics, Temperature, And Care

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    Hearing the word Aegean automatically refers our mind to the cool breezy bay of Mediterranean sea and its beautiful blue waters. And yes exactly, you guessed it right. The Aegean cats are named after this embayment because these Greek cats (as I may refer to them) belong from this particular area. Originally from the Cycladic islands of Greece, these cats can be found in this hometown, chilling under the café tables, begging for food. Typical city cats. These cats are vary independent and medium in size.


    Upon research about these cats, I found that these cats are actually the only cat breeds, native from Greece. They have evolved without human interference. The Aegean cat has been a domestic cat since centuries and it was not considered a breed until it began to be breed in the 1990s. these cats are also present at Turkish seaports and are usually seen getting fed by the local sailors. An amazing fact that I came across is that the Aegean cats are considered a national treasure by the Greeks. Although the cat isn’t recognized by the organizations as a fancy cat breed but it still enjoys its position as the only native cat breeds.


    Most people think that having a purebred cat at homes is better than a native cat. But don’t get so gloomy. Some people still prefer these naughty cats at their homes rather than keeping a quite furball. Let’s now look at what the Aegean cats have in box for you if you ever consider to buy one for yourself (or already are a parent to one).

    Aegean Cat Photo

    Health and possible diseases

    As I’ve already discussed above that these cats originally started off as street cats or outdoor cats and many are still enjoying this status. This being said, these cats are known to be healthy because something that is not taken care of automatically comes up with coping mechanisms. Same goes for the Aegean cats. They are not known to develop eye diseases or intestinal ailments. They do not have any genetic problems. If proper care is taken for them, they can live up to 15 years i.e 76 human years. Amazing right? But some are still known to develop certain health issues such as renal failure, hyperthyroidism and diabetes. So important to take care of your Aegean cat if you own one.


    Coming to the grooming of an Aegean cat, it is not such a horrendous task if you ask me to be honest. These cats are semi longhair coated. Their coat needs to be brushed once or twice depending on the shedding. It not just remove the debris, but also helps in the circulation of blood and massaging the cat. Keeping these cats to cat beds will also help keep the shedding in one place. Also, brushing their teeth daily will also keep good oral hygiene for them.

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    Height and size

    looking at an Aegean cat, a person like me would immediately come to the conclusion that they are not so strong. But looking at them closely, one realizes that these medium-sized cats are strongly built with strong muscles. Their feet are also medium-sized and their bodies are lean just like a tiger ready to hunt. These cats usually stand to about a height of 10 inches and are neither very tiny nor huge or big. Being a cat which likes to hunt, these cats are usually slim looking. They often like to hunt for fish ( a rare sight! Since cats hate water).


    As I have discussed above that these cats are slim and not the type who likes to sit but would rather prefer running and hunting. Thus they weigh normal accordingly. The Aegean cats weigh about 9 or 10 pounds, the males can weigh a few more pounds than females. It is important not to overfeed them because they can become obese on doing so.


    The Aegean cat is described as an active cat. I mean this is obvious seeing how playful they are, they can not be describes as lazy kittens. These cats are good with people and are not afraid of humans. This makes them an excellent choice as family cats with children. Being originated near water lands, these cats do not mind to hunt a fish for themselves or even dip their toes. Even though these cats tend to be intelligent, it is a little hard to teach them tricks since these cats show a tendency to be independent in nature.


    I think it is natural of cat hair to compound the symptoms if you or anyone around you is allergic to them. So it best if one keeps the house as clean as possible of cat hair. So if you are a little allergic but also love cats then an Aegean might be a great choice for you. These cats have short hair and not a very thick coat compared to long haired cats.

    Life span

    Not the best thing I would say, but these cat have a short life expectancy. I mean who wants their cats to live just 10 years? The Aegean cats have a life expectancy of 10 years but with best care and nutrition they can live up to 15 years.

    Caring difficulties

    An Aegean cat is an attention seeker. Well I think all cats are. These cats need lots of care, love and attention. Besides also give them proper grooming AND LOTS OF FISH. Because it is one of the main types of food they just not like to hunt but also like traditionally.

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    As discussed above, these cats are native to Greek Cyclades islands and are not commonly recognized as a breed. So, in my opinion, it is difficult to find them outside of Greece. The few original cats often come with tourists who visit these islands and bring the Aegean cats with them to their native countries. To find them would be a difficult task because there are very few breeders who keep them. The best way to find your Aegean cat would be to look around at shelters. With some luck, you may find your best-loved Aegean cat. If that doesn’t help then try asking on different cat breeder groups near the area. Someone might be able to help you.

    Best Aegean Cat Photos


    You are in luck if you love yourself an Aegean cat and are low on budget. As these cats are not recognized as a proper cat breed, one such cat would cost you around 250$ unlike purebreds, which start from 800$ usually. The cost of an Aegean cat also depends on gender, pedigree and markings. But getting a kitten that comes directly from the islands of Aegean Sea, it will cost you more.


    The eyes of this breed display various shades of striking green while the coat may be of bicolour or tricolour with white as a pattern at places. Tabby stripping is also a feature of their coat. Fur colour is usually red, cream, blue and black.


    All cats in my eyes deserve a warm and loving family as a basic requirement. Keeping a cat is a heavy responsibility. You’re required to provide them with healthy food, nourishment, grooming, a cozy place to sleep and lots and lots love and care. Besides, you are also responsible for proper veterinary care. But there isn’t a lot of work with an Aegean owing to its free nature and domesticated nature. Like all cats, they need a certain level of care and attention.

    Cute Aegean Cat Photo


    These cats have the following characteristics


    The Aegean cats are very loving, compassionate, social and affectionate. As these cats have originated from an island they love to play and have the fun of their own near water. These cats are fun to be around with and are well-behaved. But beware, cat lovers, they can be naughty and can scratch at your furniture when they feel like so be prepared to provide them with a proper scratching spot at home.

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    I have discussed in detail above about the patterns and various colours these cats exist in. these cats tend to be tri or bicoloured and have tabby markings.


    Aegean cats are very loving, playful and affectionate. They not just require love but also spread a lot of joy to their owners. The love snuggles and adore attention.

    Dog child friendly

    If you have children at home then Aegean cats are one of the beat you can have. These cats can get along with everyone including children and other pets like dogs.


    These cats are considered to be highly intelligent. They may not be very good at learning tricks because they don’t want to. But they sure do teach their owners a trick or two.


    The Aegean cats are highly energetic. They may not display their energy a lot but they are very playful and the owners have a great time with these cats.


    Grooming is comparatively easier with these cats. Because they don’t have a heavy coat on their bodies, shedding is also limited. These cats find a way to keep themselves busy so the owners do not have to worry a lot about keeping their cats company. But like all cats they require food, a cozy bed and lots of affection.


    Since these cats are not bred by breeders, they do not have types. They vary only in color schemes and the type of patterns. There are both domesticated and feral Aegean cats.


    Aegean cats are very common looking cats. Not to sound rude, but these cats look like every cat that are present in streets. Due to this reason, breeders do not prefer to sell them or breed them at their shops. If you are not so crazy about having a purebred Aegean cat then look for cats with similar patters at your local shelters.


    In the above discussion I have focused on the characteristics, traits, behavior and many other factors about Aegean cats. These cats are rare to find in north America but they can be found with some effort if you want to adopt them they are fun to have, are playful and very loving. They have a great personality to have around the house as they are great to have even around kids and pets. If you ever happen to hang around with them at some Greek café, their love and playful nature may compel you to bring along one with you back home.

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