The Birman Cat – Amazing Guide To Their History, Types, Characteristics, Temperature, And Care

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    A Birman is a cat with an average size that ranges from 3.5 to 5.5 kg males and females a little smaller. It is also known as “Sacred cat of Burma”, with long-haired and color pointed cat with large always blue eyes on a broad face with a Roman nose.

    They have a coat that is either eggshell or golden color with certain color points including face, ears, feet, and tail. Kittens are born completely white and points start showing up at the age of 2 days to 2 weeks old and as Birmans, they have four white gloves on each of their feet. if you want to read a guide about Abyssinian Cat or California Spangled Cat then you can read on a thecatbreeds website.

    Origin And History Of The Breed

    In 1919, this Birman cat made its first appearance in France. It is believed that Birman have come from Myanmar which was known Burma before. Birman simply come from the tittle “Sacre de Birmanie” given by the French cat registry in 1925. 

    Birman Cat Photos

    Birman spreads out to other parts of the globe as a result of breeding programs. In 1966 and later that year the breeding was recognized by British Cat Fanciers (CAF) and Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). Birman are highly sought after. Therefore, a long waiting list is always expected in the surrounding area. The seal point was the first of Birmans followed blue point color introduced using blue Persian lines in 1959 and later chocolate, red and tabby/lynx points were added by English Breeders.

    Physical Standard of The Breeds

    Health and Possible Diseases

    There are several problems associated with Birmans including congenital hypotrichosis, corneal dermoid, spongiform degeneration, shaking & trembling in kittens, and unusually high concentrations of urea and/or creatinine in the blood.


    Birman is unlikely to form mats since there is no undercoat as well as have what is known as a single coat. However, keeping Birman’s coat healthy requires weekly comb using a stainless-steel comb together with trimming its nails. Bathing that starts from kittens makes them get used to it as the grow to adulthood.

    Height and size

    Birman a long and can become large. For instance, shoulder standing can be 10 inches or taller.


    Birman typically weigh 6 to 12 pounds (8 – 12 pounds male) and female little bit smaller.


    One of the Birman’s prime characteristics identified is being docile and being docile does not mean that Birman is not a quick thinker.

    Birman Cat

    Birman Cat is helpful since it loves participating in everything owners does such as doing laundry, reading newspapers, or loading a dishwasher and all these are accomplished by communicating with a soft voice including meal and want to be cuddled time.

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    It is known to have no such even if is less allergenic, Birmans do not have such.


    Birman’s longevity range within 9 – 13 years with a moderate social or attention needs and high to moderate tendency to shed.

    Caring Difficulties

    No major difficulties in caring for a Birman except brushing, trimming nails, wipe the corner of eyes, and check the ears weekly. Only with attention, if Birmans are not getting one they can become a little bit jealous and detach themselves or cut the loose with the owner temporarily, but it can still be built up again with no one holding grudges.

    Where to get a Birman Cat?

    Cat Association Recognition such as CFA, ACFA and TICA are the first to look at and also note that it is not just a cat that you likely to find to local pet stores, more especially when there are no quality breeders in your area.

    How much does a birman cat cost?

    Kittens are mostly sold at the age of 12 to 16 weeks of age and that’s most of age which breeders release kittens. However, price differ depending on one’s preference kittens to old Birmans (champion). Kittens are more expensive than old cat and their average ranges from $400 to $600 depending on the breeders..

    Choosing the right type of birman cat?

    As it is known that Birman cats are great family pets and are also loyal, loving and gentle. But children must always be reminded to be gentle as every cat has their limits. All birmans are almost the same since they carry gene for a pointed pattern, long haired and blue eyes. So, it up to the interest party and breeders on choosing the right color-pointed of Birman (seal, chocolate, red, lilac etc.).

    Responsibilities to consider in the care of a birman cat

    What do they require?

    Birmans require some cat toys that can help kittens get used of playing people since they are very playful. Choosing a healthy food that is high-quality food with meat source is good for Birman’s energy which is of importance. Constant access of freshwater allowing Birmans to drink at any time they want.

    Birman Cat

    One of the most important requirements to Birmans is to play with them at all the time since there are very strict when it comes to the attention owners give them. Thus, playing with them every day keeps them happy. Annual vet checks are necessary since Birmans are typically a healthy breed.

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    Do they need certain level of care and attention?

    Birmans requires moderate social or attention need as well as moderate to high tendency to shed and also overall grooming needs.

    Characteristics of birman cats


    Birman are found to be naturally quiet, gentle, and gentle not forgetting companionable. This Birman cat love attention a lot and that is shown over by making sure that their owners know when its time for petting or long head scratch. It is also shown through being curious at all the time and loving to participate in all activities that their owners do including anything happening in the house.

    All that it is done simply by conversing with a chirpy voice. Birmans are not aggressive. Birmans are one cat that does not create an awkward situation whenever there is a guest in your place, they are all talkative but are not loud since they respond in a very soft voice.


    Birman’s pattern points are believed to be from Siamese the fluffier version. These points including seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, cream, red, blue cream or tabby etc.


    Birmans are docile and quite cat which loves people in a way that it can follow them in an out the house or room to room in the house as the love being part of what people do. Its curiosity make it become too close to everything such as whatever the owner does and increases the level of intelligent, since the tend to learn more tings every time they are engaged to human daily basis.

    Dog-child friendly

    Birmans are too friendly, tolerant and playful which makes them very suited to both children and other pets (dogs).  With children what birman’s love is attention and it is getting one at all the time.


    Birmans are intelligent and curious. That is shown through attaching themselves with their owners and if attention is not paid well by owners, Birmans can show a little bit of jealousy. But Birmans are not aggressive. Their intelligence makes them be comfortable with any member in a family but mostly bond with the owner with a strong attachment in such a way that they can adjust their schedule with their owners.

    Kittens adjust to any environment that are exposed to and as they grow to adulthood, they also make sure that their owners know when its hunger, want to be cuddled, long head scratch time, breeding season, physical pain, and loneliness.

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    Birmans are physically good, since their owners train them almost everyday as it is required. Because of their intelligent it is easier to train Birmans and keep them with the healthy fit body at all time, but it is known that they love long head scratch and sofa time being cuddled.


    Regular brushing and nail trimming are what Birmans want. However, always get vet-approved toothpaste. Good nutrition must consist of a moderate fat, low carbs, and high protein substance depending on the Birman’s age and the diet it needs. Regular check-up schedule with a professional vet and also consider spaying or neutering Birman to stay up to date in its overall health.

    Types of birman cat

    It is known that it is only one type of Birman and all of them that are know have followed after the seal point Birman which was the first to appear in 1959. Birmans are only having different personalities depending on their owners. They also have similar marking and completely white paws but comes in different colors (Seal, chocolate, red, lilac etc.). Birmans are all have average weight of greater 5kg in both male and female, but male ones are always larger and female little bit smaller. 

    Birman cats compares to other breeds

    Birmans are a slowly maturing breed with a moderate size compared to other breeds. Birmans come in one pattern i.e. pointed, in seal and chocolate, red and lilac-colored markings on their face, legs, and tail. They also have two unique features which are high cheekbones and Roman nose. Birmans are cats that get along with not just owners or children well but also get along with other pets including birds and dogs.


    Looking for a person cat that is known to get along exceptionally well with family members, guest and other pets, birman is the way to go. Birmans are naturally quiet, intelligent, affectionate, gentle and companionable with the easy-going personality that are mixed in with sociable attitude. We are talking about the cat that loves attention and they do not just keep it in themselves, they make sure that their owners know its about time for petting or long head scratch.

    Most owners described birmans as a person cat that love to be around their people whom are communicative, interactive and loving to participate in everything people are doing. Some say birmans showcase dog’s behavior which stand as an advantage to people who loves cats and dogs.

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