The Brazilian Shorthair Cat – Amazing Guide To Their History, Types, Characteristics, Temperature, And Care

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    The Brazilian Shorthair cat is the first feline breed to receive its international recognition. This breed is popularly known as “Pelo Curto Brasileiro” meaning “Brazilian short”.

    Now let us take a brief insight into the Brazilian Shorthair cat breed, their history, physical standards, and characteristics. 

    The Brazilian Shorthair Cat is a medium-sized short coat cat that can be found in different types of colors (black, white, orange, grey, brown, and tan) and patterns. 

    It is known to be a healthy breed and best indoor pet. It is found in Brazil and it is known to be bought by Portuguese sailors in ships at that time around 1500AD.

    It is best suited for which has the least possibilities of spreading allergies.

    After so many experimental breeding methods, the Brazilian Shorthair breed was finally approved by the “World Cat Federation”, in Germany.

    Nowadays these Shorthairs are participating in many contests all over the world.

    Origin and History of The Breed

    These Brazilian cats existed since the 1500s, these cats were mated with local cats at the time of voyages by British sailors. This breed is developed by Dr. Paulo Samuel Ruschi, a cat breeder who wants to transform certain cats found in the Brazilian streets into purebred cats.

    Brazilian Shorthair Cat

    He was the founder of the first cat federation in Brazil and the first cat club in Rio de Janeiro. this breeding process took him over a long period of time to produce this cat breed. 

    After the recognition of this breed in 1998 by cat federation, these cats started to take part in events around the world.

    Physical Standards of the breed

    The physical standards of the Brazilian Shorthair describe nature, health conditions, appearance, and all other personality traits. 

    Health and Possible Diseases

    This Brazilian Shorthair breed is a medium to large-sized domestic cat breed from Brazil. The following are the common health conditions of the Brazilian Shorthair breed.

    They are prone to polycystic kidney disease, a disease where forming of cyst on cats kidneys causes kidney failures. They suffer from limited breathing difficulties i.e., respiratory disorders.

    Another natural condition is that they become aggressive and anxious when they are exposed to other pets and people who are unfamiliar with these cats.


    This breed cats have a short coat, so they don’t require extensive grooming needs from you. These cats have short fur and the shedding effect is also very less so you just need to brush it once in a week.

    You can use a soft brush to remove dead hair on the skin. And many breeders recommend avoiding bathing to this breed cats. In addition, these cats require tooth brushing, claw trimming, and ear cleaning once in a week. 

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    Height and size

    This Brazilian Shorthair is a medium to a large-sized domestic cat. The male cats grow up to 15 inches at the shoulders and females will grow up to 13 inches at the shoulders.

    This breed has lean and a very sleek appearance with a muscle body.         


    The ideal weight of the male breed is 11 to 18 pounds and for the female breed, it is 8 to 14 pounds. As this breed is a domestic breed, even some large-sized cats may weight as much as 22 pounds. 


    Like Bombay cat, this Brazilian Shorthair is also a very active and energetic cat. They like warm places and beds.

    They spend most of the time playing with other pets and family members. They are very addictive to engaging toys and like to meet new pets and kids. 


    The Shorthair breed is not a Hypoallergenic. They are very resilient with no major health problems. They do not shed much, so it is suitable for you to choose this breed cat as a pet. 


    This breed is a very healthy breed and the life expectancy of these cats is around 14 to 20 years. 

    And they can even live up to 22 years by taking proper care of their diet and health aspects.

    So they come into the section of long-living breeds.

    Caring difficulties

    As they are mostly domestic type cats, they don’t need many lookups. We need to be aware of their health and food requirements so as to ensure their wellbeing. They require some social connections, playtime with children and other cats.   

     Where to get a Brazilian Shorthair Cat?

    There are a number of reputed kitty selling sites like, and from where you can buy cats by selecting their breed type.

    Buying from a trusted breeder ensures you to get a good cat which is highly recommended. These breeders are available in South America (Brazil), North America.

    Brazilian Shorthair Cat Photos

    How much does a Brazilian Shorthair cat cost?

    Due to its rarity of breed type, you need to spend between $1000 to  $1200 to get a Brazilian Shorthair cat. Based on gender, physical characteristics the cost may slightly decrease or increase.

    Choosing the right type of Brazilian Shorthair Cat?

    Before buying this cat you should really finalize your desired pattern, color, gender, health condition, and personality requirements. These measures can be easily sought out by consulting a good breeder so that you cannot end up buying a wrong one. 

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    Responsibilities to consider in taking care of a Brazilian Shorthair Cat

    As this Brazilian breed stands out from other breeds in terms of their rarity and health features they deserve to be taken care of at a maximum level in terms of their needs.

    What do they Require?

    The primary requirements for these Brazilian Shorthair cats are as follows:

    • Regular grooming
    • Good healthy diet 
    • Warm environment
    • A clean litter box 
    • A lot of care and attention.

    Do They Need a Certain Level of Care and Attention?

    Yes, you need to provide a certain level of care and attention. Do not leave them alone for a long period of time. Make sure there is somebody to look after them and provide some company.

    These cats love spending time with people by playing games and engages in each and every activity you do. So make sure you have a good playing environment and surroundings.

     Characteristics of a Brazilian Shorthair cat


    These cats are very active, curious, and like to walk around with pride. Their vocal behavior cannot be tolerated sometimes and the owners might be concerned for excessive and undesirable meowing or crying, especially at night.

    They are very intelligent and tend to require a lot of attention. They are very friendly cats so you should need to spend 10-15 minutes of sessions several times a day.

    You need to provide toys to make them playful and engaged in all activities. they also like to adventure and explore new places. 


    The diversity in their body color, the pattern is pretty much high. The colors including black, white, gray, orange, brown, and tan. You can find many combinations of pattern and color in these breed cats. 


    The Brazilian Shorthairs are very affectionate towards their owners and they don’t want to be left alone. They love socializing with people, pets, and new members in the family. They are the best choice for you to choose as a pet because they are very loving, easygoing, and affectionate.

    They always roam all the places in the home and they want to participate in each and every activity around them.  

    Dog-child friendly

    They are very socializing pets and they spend more time playing with cats and dogs and even more with children. So, they will become the best companions for everybody in the house.  


    The Brazilian Shorthair cat is known for its good intelligent abilities. They spend most of the time playing with engaging toys and discovering new people and places. 

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    These breed cats are not dumb cats, they are very active and they always wanted to increase their energy levels by playing every time. 


    As this breed is a street cat breed you don’t need to take much care about them. They can be easily brought up and you need to look at their hygiene, diet and a medical need when required. 

    Brazilian Shorthair Cat Image

     Types of Brazilian Shorthair cat

    Due to its diversity in colors, patterns you get a great number of choices in choosing this breed cat. So, based on your choice of color, size, and characteristics you can choose your desired one. This can be easily done by taking the assistance of a good cat breeder.  

    Brazilian Shorthair Cats Compares to Other Breeds

    These Brazilian Shorthair cats are muscular and thicker than the breed like Siamese. These breed cats have more flexibility in color than the other breeds.

    The main difference between Brazilian domestic cat and American Shorthair is that American Shorthairs produce kittens with distinct appearances, whereas the domestic Shorthairs come in a variety of looks. 

    General Frequently Asked Question

    What is the difference between a Brazilian Shorthair cat and a Domestic Shorthair cat?

    A domestic Shorthair cat is not purebred and it is a mixture of other lovely felines. Whereas Brazilian cats are purebred cats and may cost more than ordinary Short-haired cats.

    Are Brazilian Shorthair cats are friendly?

    The British Shorthair cat is intelligent, playful and also more friendly. These cats always wanted to be with their owners, kids, and other pets. They require human attention and they are very affectionate. 

    Do Brazilian cats have thoughts?

    Yes, the connection we have with Brazilian cats is so strong that they can read our thoughts, scan our moods, and they can gauge how to behave based on our needs.

    Why do cats purr? 

    A cat’s purr is initiated inside the brain. The neural oscillator sends messages repetitively to the laryngeal muscles, which leads them to twitch at a rate of 30 to 150 vibrations per second. This causes the vocal cords to produce purr action when the cat inhales and exhales.


     These Brazilian Shorthair cats are very active and playful. So they can fit in every home with the least difficulties. So if you are having a home with a good number of people then these breed cats are a better choice for you.

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