The Chausie Cat – Amazing Guide to Their History, Types, Characteristics, Temperature, and Care

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    The Chausie is one of the giant cat breeds, with a long, tall, and slender body. The cat also has a wild appearance and appears similar to a cougar’s snout, as well as its large, sometimes-tufted ears. This breed of the cat is pretty energetic and is active all day around. They are also called by different names such as the miniature cougar cat.

    The Chausie cat is a loyal and loving breed. The Chausie has a harmonious and robust body that is both slender and stylized with developed musculature, especially in males. Chausies have a short coat, although somewhat longer than most short-haired breeds. This coat is both dense and light and can vary in color from brown tabby to black to solid or silver.

    Origin And History of The Chausie Cat

    The breeders of the early 90s started mating Abyssinians with the Jungle Cat of south-central Asia. The Jungle Cat has a long history of living with people, as ancient Egyptians domesticated it because it had excellent hunting skills and an easygoing personality. The first litters of Chausie cats came from crossbreeding between Chaus, Abyssinians, Orientals, Bengals, or moggy cats with a physical appearance similar to that of wild cats.

    The Chausie Cat

    Even though the Jungle Cat would occasionally mate with domesticated cats, the first recorded breeding occurred in 1990, and it wasn’t long before the hybrid breed was fully recognized and became famous. In the year 1995, the cat was registered in the US. Finally, it was recognized as a new breed in the year 2005 by the US.

    Physical And Health Standing of The Breed

     Health And Possible Diseases

    The breed is healthy and active because they are the decedents of wild cats. Wild cats are known for their health. This does not infer that they do not fall ill. As it happens, they are also cats with fragile digestive systems. Keeping them confined may not contribute significantly to the well-being of the hybrid cat itself either. The welfare of the female domestic cats used to breed with a much larger wild male cat, as well as the welfare of the wild cats and the early crosses which cannot be kept as pets and so must be kept in captivity, is often not questioned and there is little information available. Lots of Chausie domestic cats are gluten intolerant and cannot eat industrial food. Thus, it can be concluded that they are allergic to certain foods. 


    Grooming is the basic need of any living organism. These cats require grooming in one or two weeks, depending on one the length of its hair. The shorthair cats require grooming once in two months. There are darker markings on ears, legs, and tail, which are to be looked regularly.

    Height And Size

    Chausie cats would ideally be twice the length of their height. Therefore, this big cat is often two times higher than the average domestic cat, and can be up to three times heavier! Having wild cats as their decadents, they have a similar height. The Chausies cat height are medium or large-sized as compared to other ordinary breeds. Generally, it is smaller than the Maine coon but is bigger as compared to the Siamese cat. 

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    These cats are often called the big fat cat, and hence the chausie cats weight varies from 15 to 25 pounds. Chausie cats don’t have any special dietary requirements apart from those of domestic shorthair cats. Since they have food allergies, it has special food that is prescribed to them.


    Athletic, curious, and intelligent, the Chausie is always on the move and requires a lot of exercises to dispel its considerable energy. Most likely, you’ll have to play with a Chausie longer than with an ordinary domestic cat; otherwise, your companion may become destructive or even aggressive. Chausies are independent and can sometimes be stubborn, making them somewhat difficult to educate. This, however, doesn’t mean they are not alert and intelligent felines.


    There is an interesting trivia about this cat it takes around three years to grow completely. If the cat has appropriately looked after, it can live a long and healthy life. The average years a Chausie cat lifespan is between 14 to 18 years.

    Caring Difficulty

    These cats are super active; hence they require significant attention as you give it to a newborn child. These are pretty fat cats; therefore, Chausie cat breed need a comparably large amount of food than other cat breeds. They have short hair; thus, grooming is not a problem, but as it is a wild cat so it requires that someone would let it roam around the streets and would talk to them.


    This breed of the cat being a rare breed cat is difficult to find. This breed is only found in two countries, i.e., the US and Egypt. These cats are available here because they survive in that atmosphere and hence live a long and healthy life. Even in those two countries, you will find them at reputable breeders place who keeps all the breeds.

    Chausie Cat Images


    The cost of the cat is dependent upon various factors such as temperature, location, availability, and many such factors that decide the value of the cat. But if we consider the average cost, it varies from $400 to $600. The Chausie cat price of rearing up the cat is $1000 and may extend to $1200. Hence, this cat is not that costly cat though it is a rare one.


    This cat has various features when it comes to select the right Chausie cat. The Chausie comes in three colors, which are solid black, grizzled tabby, and brown-ticked tabby. Choosing your favorite color is also an option because it is available in a variety of colors. Considering the color is not the only choice you have to make. You have to look into a couple of other factors, its health, age, and also the activeness. It is believed that the most active cat is the most frequently chosen.

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    Rearing of the Chausie cat is the most challenging part. Though they do not have regular grooming needs, they are very active cats you as spy should be able to predict all its actions. This will help you to minimize your loses in the future years. You will have to spend a total of $1200 in rearing up the cat. They need a space to live; otherwise, they are angry, which is the trait they carry of their predators.

    They require a high quality of food, and they do not like to be alone because they are super active, and hence they require someone to be around.


    Chausie Cat Images


    Like a wild cat, the Chausie keeps its playful and hunting temperament. They are cats that love running and need lots of space to blow off steam. It is advisable that if you wish to adopt one of these cats that you have a garden. This cat can be directly referred to as a one years old child as it likes to explore your home, get onto the fridge, and open anything it can.


    These cats come with different patterns. Some of them are seen with stripes, and the others are plain. They also come in various colors. These animals generally have exquisite beauty, grace, and characteristics that some would say make them more akin to owning a dog.


    The Chausie has a lot of dog-like traits. It is comfortable with leashes and love to play with water, extremely faithful and devoted, friendly, and lively. These cats can easily be trained. These cats are amiable; if you provide them with a person who can play and talk to them the whole day, they can easily play with that person. These cats are a super active cat, not aggressive cats; hence children also love playing with them.


    Chausies can develop deep bonds with their owners and do not like to be left home alone for long hours. These show their affection towards their owners. Owners thus have a massive responsibility of being together with them.


    The Chausie is gregarious by nature and likes to do fun. Because this is the outcome of the jungle cat and the Abyssinian, it is highly energetic. As a younger cat, it is super active, but as they grow older, it becomes quiet but still likes to analyze the intelligent situation.  

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    These cats are super active. All they need is someone that plays with them the whole day and talks to them. These cats have the traits of the jungle cats, and hence they are super energetic and active.


    These cats do not have different types. These cats are seen in various colors. They are brown-ticked tabby, solid black, and grizzled tabby. The brown-ticked tabby has barring on the inside of the front legs and down to the hock on the hind legs. Unique to this domestic cat, the grizzled tabby pattern is acquired from breed’s ancestor, the Jungle Cat. The hair shaft is banded with a lighter coloration at the skin, akin to a mouse coat, a black base coat, and alternating light bands with a black tip.


    People who like cats with a wild look are naturally drawn to the Chausie, an exotic feline with Jungle Cat ancestry. With their long legs, long, lean body, and beautiful appearance, Chausie cats are exquisitely beautiful creatures. The Chausie cat has a short coat and easy to take care of. Grooming one in one or two weeks should be enough while in the case of grooming, you may need to spend a lot of money and especially on the long hair cats. Chausie cats are usually quite fearless. As such, they are likely to get into serious trouble if allowed to roam freely, so keeping them indoors is recommended for their safety. The other cats are not so fearless as compared to the Chausie. These cats are extremely active and super athletic.


    1. Are Chausie Cats Good Pets?

      Chausie Cats are Highly Intelligent, Highly social and Loving, also they are seek out the attention of the Owner

    2. Are Chausie Cats Hypoallergenic?

      No Chausie Cat Are not Hypoallergenic.

    3. How Much Does a Chausie Cat Cost?

      If we consider the average cost, it varies from $400 to $600

    4. Where to Buy a Chausie Cat?

      This breed is only found in two countries, i.e., the US and Egypt. Even in those two countries, you will find them at reputable breeders place who keeps all the breeds.


    Those people who have time to spare and love someone can go ahead for this wild cat. This cat is extremely energetic, super active, and you can have fun with it all day. The Chausie cannot be confined in a place; it loves to be a part of a troop; hence they can go ahead and be good friends with even dogs. These cats, as such, do not have any grooming needs as they have the characteristic of the jungle cat. It is allergic to food, and hence they have a special food requirement. These cats are extremely loyal; therefore, as adults, it may have difficulty in adopting a new place. These have a dog-friendly and child-friendly attitude. They are a lovable breed, and you will have fun around them.

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